BARCODE Generator In PHP

BARCODE Generator In PHP आज एक ऐसा चीज आपके साथ मै शेयर करने जा रहा हूँ जो की सिर्फ एक वेबसाइट डेवलपर के लिए ही है लेकिन ये इतने जरूरी
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Java script code for image Dancing in website

Javascript is most popular client side scripting language and this article is based on java script and funny trick. you will enjoy surely after using this trick. for using this javascript you must open inspect element in web browser, in Chrome you can open directly by pressing f12 button or right click and click
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What is necessary for create complete website

For creating website is now interesting for everyone after increasing internet users so in this tutorial i am going to list some point which is most necessary for create good website. What is necessary for create complete website ? Actually you can create a website only with HTML language but for creating
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What is Content management system and its benefits

Content Management System(CMS) is a software (Application). we can use this  CMS for Insert, Delete, Modify  data from Graphical interface . Currently Web based Content management system is very popular , Fields like News agency , Blogs, Shopping websites are using Content management system(CMS)  . You can store  and organize files easily from front
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How to create social networking site

Social Media is best platform in the world this time. every body is appear and created account on Social Networking Site, one of the best Social Networking site we are using -Facebook. After Success of Facebook, every web developer want to create social networking site but they have no Idea that how to

Best IDE for Software Developer

IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) is necessary  for software developer, For .NET Developer Visual studio is best choice . but PHP Developer is confuse that which IDE is suitable for Developer. Today i am telling you about one of the top IDE for PHP Development , Codelobster Codelobster is free IDE