What is necessary for create complete website

For creating website is now interesting for everyone after increasing internet users so in this tutorial i am going to list some point which is most necessary for create good website.

What is necessary for create complete website ?

Actually you can create a website only with HTML language but for creating advance site with good looking layout you can apply some other technologies.


HTML is most important language for create simple to advance site because without HTML , website can not exist in internet world.

What is necessary for create complete website

you can see any website source code and you will see that all site started coding with HTML tage . here HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language .

2. CSS

CSS stand for Cascading stylesheet – It is most useful when you want to design your web page  , without using this you can not design your webpage so i recommend you must study CSS before coding your webpage .

What is necessary for create complete website You can think that millions of website present in internet world and if your website layout(looking) will not good then why anybody visit your website so that should learn CSS .

3. JavaScript

Javascript is very most popular client side scripting language , actually it is a script which can make your website more attractive and dynamic . You can make decision with javascript .

What is necessary for create complete website

If you don’t want to study all these stuff then you can make your website with blogger i.e blogspot or WordPress . if you don’t know about wordpress then read these article .

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