AVG PC TuneUP | Best Utility for your computer and mobile

AVG PC TuneUP | Best Utility for your computer and mobile. फ्रेंड्स अगर हम सब बात करते है एक ऐसे टॉपिक की जिसमे कंप्यूटर से रिलेटेड आती है तो सबसे पहले ये सवाल जरुर सुनने में आता है की अपने कंप्यूटर की स्पीड को कैसे बढ़ाये और जब भी ऐसा सवाल किसी
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Best Screen Recorder used by professional

When you work on your computer that time you may also think that “if i will record this step then i can also show to other people” . This is also most important for tutor because in Professional or normal training now visual presentation is very important that time you can feel necessary

Screen brightness software

Hello friends. Good morning.I hope you had love my previous post. in this post i am going to write about Screen brightness software. Screen brightness software means controlling brightness of screen. if you are using laptop then no problem because in laptop, brightness control software is already installed so no need of Screen brightness
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Top Video editing tools

 Video editing tools . This word is common for every computer user  because everyone wants to edit their own video and even some people switched to video production field due to huge requirement of video and video ads. even some blogger left writing text content and started producing video blog and upload

Download free Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery is essential if you deleted some data by accidental. may be your external memory card formatted by mistake but what will you do now?Only one option is remains, that is data recovery. Data Recovery is a method by which you can recover all deleted data, even formatted  hard disk can
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[Solution]Kali linux not booting from usb

After Success of Backtrack Distribution of Linux Operating System ,Backtrack become most popular penetration Testing tools for Security Expert and Even white hat hacker. Backtrack 5 is become more popular but suddenly it is discontinued and new OS came in market, i.e. Kali Linux. Kali Linux is more powerful than Backtrack and