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WordPress is a web application. You can use this for create attractive website.There is no need to have coding skill(advance). If you are some technical (with knowledge of some web world terminology) , you can create your own website. even you can also start creating website of you clients.

WordPress is free platform where you can create any type of sites.Wordpress come in two package .

1. Free hosted and

2. Self Hosted.

In free hosted, You don’t need to purchase domain name and hosting just register on www.wordpress.org and create blog But in case of Self Hosted  you need to purchase domain name and hosting. domain Name like www.techaj.com and hosting for host your all WordPress files and database.

here i am talking about Self Hosted WordPress. WordPress is also known as CMS i.e Content Management System. It is very easy to use like using Microsoft Word Application. You can do everything like cut , copy ,paste, undo, redo and insert image etc.

Firstly you must have purchase hosting and domain . For know details about hosting and domain see here

What can you do with WordPress?

With WordPress you can create almost any type of website just install theme of your desire and customize you site according to your requirement.

For example i am also running this site on wordpress platfrom and happy from starting .i never feel that something is missing. Not only me, approx 60 million people are using wordpress. The great tech site techcrunch is also using wordpress .

Backend Details.

In backend, wordpress is written in PHP programming language . If you have php background then you can do anything with WordPress and database used by WordPress is MySql.

After Installing WordPress you can change layout by changing Theme and increase enhancement by using Plugins.

there are millions-billions pluging and theme is available. some are free and some are premium.if you want to serious with web development or blogging then you must use premium wordpress theme.

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