What is necessary for Installing WordPress

In this Article i am covering the topic -“What is necessary for Installing WordPress“.

I have already wrote clearly that wordpress is custom hosting web software but write more on wordpress we have to know full detail about wordpress. you may confuse about wordpress.com and  wordpress.org both are wordpress but what is difference?

* wordpress.com is hosted by other i.e you don’t need to buy hosting package for your website and wordpress.org is self hosted i.e you must have to buy hosting package for running your websites.

* You can not customize everything on wordpress.com but wordpress.org allow you to customize everything.

* your wordpress.com blog will look like http://yourname.wordpress.com and for custom domain you must purchase but wordpress.org is fully for your direction means from starting you have to purchase hosting and domain name.

you can purchase best and cheap hosting from http://www.bluehost.com

and domain from www.bigrock.com.

Note : maximum hosting services provide easy wordpress installation . just one click installation. you need to follow their steps for installing wordpress.

 Did you installed wordpress?? now what next?? follow this instruction

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