SEO vs Social media marketing

Friends good morning today I am going to write about which is best option  for blogger

Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing this to Message is very very popular in the Internet marketing world so that today I am going to write about this list of songs search Optimisation and social media marketing I have also many blogs and I found  that there is a very big difference between this to measure so that first of all I am talking about social media market trends in social media marketing you have to promote your post to different type of social media platforms just like Facebook page and Twitter tweet I have use both methods

With my experience I can say that Search Engine Optimisation is best method for all type of blogger Search Engine Optimisation you have to optimise one time off all your content and left rest think all major things will be done by search engine website like Google Yahoo etc.

Search Engine Optimisation in one day you can get lot of traffic by hard work of last 5 months that means previous 5 months if you work harder then you can get a lot of traffic in future without any problemis but if use social media marketing it is you that you can get lot of traffic in Limited period after that period you can’t get traffic so that it is your blog is daily basis that means if any program will expired next day then you can use social media market but if you are blocked is related to long period then there is no other method in front of search engine Optimization.

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  1. Sir
    Aapka samjhane ka thought bahut badiya hai.mujhe bhi bloging karana hai.kripya startin se sikhane ke liye kya karana padega.

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