How to watch online video in VLC media player

Online video streaming become part of our digital life, Actually Internet speed is increasing and benefit  of high speed internet is taking in small city now . Approx. 40% people in city is using broadband services so that every broadband user or 3G user play online video from many video streaming site like y0utube and vimeo or dailymotion.  but when you are working,  that time you can only listen sound not video because if you play video in new tab then you can not work in another tab while watching video on top screen.

If you want to watch video while you are working on web browser also ,  then you can do this using VLC media player.

In VLC media player a unique  facility is available that is  “Alway on top” in video menu. using this option you can play video  or audio on top of screen and you can also do other works so if you able to stream online video in vlc then it is possible to watch online video while you are working for this  Just follow these  simple steps.

First of All open any video  streaming site , in this example i am opening y0utube site.

How to watch online video in VLC media player

Now  copy URL of desire video  ( shown by red arrow). After this open VLC media player and go to  “Open Network Stream” option in “Media ” menu.

How to watch online video in VLC media player

Now in “network” tab paste copied link in URL box (show by green arrow point 1) and  click on Play button (show by green button with point 2).

youtube3 After clicking on play button video will start streaming online now next step is set this video on the top of all open window. for this , go to  “Video” menu in VLC  and click on “Always on top”

How to watch online video in VLC media player

thats finally you have done.

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