Opera – New feature and Logo changed


Opera is most popular desktop and smartphone’s Web browser. if you are also using opera/Opera mini then this blog posts is very useful for you , today opera introducing new feature “Save video data “.

if you have slow data connection then don’t worry about video playing on smartphones because opera can compress online video so that you will be able to play without buffering video .

for this you need to set some function in you opera browser .For this option  from the settings menu, tap to Data savings and tick the box next to Video compression.

Now Opera will do rest action , Now you can enjoy video play without buffering, if it is now happening means your data speed is very low , but don’t worry this trick will help you to save internet data (Internet data =Money).

Next Changing in Opera is “Download Notification”, yes  now you will see notification from opera if your downloading file will complete download and Biggest changing in Opera is “Logo“.

yes Logo of Opera is changed , In this posts i am showing History of Opera logo one by one .

Opera - New feature and Logo changed


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