Your mobile application may be hack your information

User of smartphone is growing day to day and hacker is now targeting mobile users.they are using different kind of method for hack smartphones. Best way of hack smartphone is mobile application. It is very easy for hacker that they will encode mobile application and send to user for install in mobile, after installing in mobile that application start sending important information to attacker. this information can be personal information , credit card information or your internet banking password. For example you see icon of facebook for install and clicked on that application for installing but i am asking one question, can you trust on that application?are you sure that your information is safe??

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Hackers send many kind of malware in your smartphone for steal information via mobile application. Giovanni Vigna, specialist of cyber security says:

The victims of these types of malware and scams could be counted in the hundreds of millions

smartphone hacking is one of the fastest growing issue in cyber world.The main goal of these type of attacker is either steal your money or information .

Cyber security researcher Vagina say that:

There’s the guy who writes the application, benign or malicious,” said Vigna. “And then he puts it in an app store, so there’s a relationship of trust between those two. And then there’s you, the user, going to the market and downloading one or more apps, and you have some relationship of trust with those. If I’m a benign application developer and I use a certain ad framework to make money from my application, and then that ad framework starts sending malicious advertisements or links to malware, who’s responsible for this? Where’s the trust there? How do you control this trust? How can you be assured that the ad network is going to perform as stated?

Some shady malware developer use international typos for attract people for download their application . for example we all know that Angry bird is  very popular and trusted  game but shady malware developer will develop a malware encoded application and gave name like Angry bordb for confuse mobile user and after mistake of this they will download application .

In some case hacker also by pass two step verification and it is just a mistake of user, so in last i want to say that never install unknown application in your mobile or computer in the view of cyber security

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