List of mobile operating system

Mobile user is growing day to day and many Technology companies start making mobile phone/Smartphones or tablet because worldwide mobile user is growing as compare to desktop user Some small companies started assembling phone and give their own brand name  but some are branded like apple, samsung, microsoft etc.

After increasing graph of mobile user i thought about it and found why people are using mobile mostly than desktop and answer is Mobile operating system. Yes , you can see around you maximum people is using android mobile .Some are using iOS or blackberry etc.

Actually when people get some coll stuff on mobile then automatically they start using mobile phone so best operating system can provide cool application and hardware support . keeping this topic in mind i have listed most popular operating system for  mobile/smartphone/tablet.

Android :

Android  operating system is developed by G00gle Inc., This Operating system (OS) is based on lunx kernel . It is largest user installed operating system in world.It is also used on general purpose computer like desktop and mobile.l Latest Version of Android OS is 6.0 beta (till writing this post i.e 30-10-2015) known a Android M.

|-Fire OS-

This operating system is lunched by Amazon and most important thing is it is based on Android Open source project (AOSP) and this operating system is mostly installed in Amazon products like kindle fire and fire TV.


MIUI is an operating system which is also based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and lunched by Xiaomi tech . Xiaomi  is Chinese Electronic Company  . you can see this operating system in Xiaomi smartphone product like Redmi and Mi series.


iOS is  bring in market by Apple Inc.  and one fact about this operating system is , this is second largest user installed OS in world. in 2014 Gloab Apple iOS market share was 15.4%. Latest version of iOS is 9x

Windows Phone

Windows phone OS is developed by Microsoft Corporation . this OS integrated with all microsoft product like xbox  and third partly apps like facebook and latest OS  version is Windows 10 mobile preview.

Firefox OS

Firefox Operating system is developed by Mozilla . we all know about mozilla because  mozilla firefox web browser is most popular world wide after G00gle’s Chrome web browser. this OS is also Open source . According to Arc technica

Mozilla says that B2G is motivated by a desire to demonstrate that the standards-based open Web has  the potential to be a competitive alternative to the existing single-vendor application development stacks offered by the dominant mobile operating systems

Latest OS version is 2.5.0


Tizen is hosted by Linux Foundation  and this operating system is supported by Tizen Association  and maintained (guided by Intel and Samsung ) .This operating system can seen in Samsung mobile which is lunched recently in market with name of Tizen. Lasted version of this OS is 2.3

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