Why India is big scope for youth?

Hello friends my self ajay and i m going to write about some interesting topic that is

 why India is big Opportunity for youth

Friends, Lets look around you. You will find that most of young person is using smartphone and internet and if not any one then they may be trying to learn and know new thing related to technology.

Reason is, Tech gadgets of any thing related to tech is fun and enjoyable and most of  called easy life and believe me, this technology can turn youth life into big opportunity.

Taking one and only one my example . in 2013 after Engineering , i was finding scope in tech but that time in India internet speed was poor and not all area is covered with 3G network properly.

I was using 2G internet and downloading speed was like 10 to 12 kbps , so think about the time hom many user was using internet?? less user right??

But now, most of people are using 4G internet due to one of the newest Operator called Reliance Jio.

Friends reliance jio  make Indian power in the field of Internet and get big step in internet speed. we all know that Jio give free 4G internet 1GB per day and after that low speed that means you can use 30GB 4G speed internet in one month and this offer is till 31 March 2017.

Thats the key point of this article,now internet become too much popular in India  and now you can do lot of work which is based on Network like web application ERP CRM and many more.

if you go with Digital India skim then you will get lot of option for your career and for this you just need little bit knowledge of technology for starting your bright career.

You can create your online shop, online class and best is social media marketing if you like to use social media option.

You can also provide tech support and rest of them you can open your any business to provide any kind of support .

After opening any business you need customer and audience for your product and you can easily find by using internet.

i hope you understood my opinion and if you like say anything or ask anything then comment below

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