How to download a website

You may hear about download file from website like software file, media files(Audio/Video/Image)  but you may or may not listen about download complete websites. You may think about “why we  need of download complete website?“.

Did anyone ask with you about how to download a website for offline viewing?? if yes then what you have said?? if not then did you try  to know about this?? yes you can  download complete website  for offline viewing. In this method first of all you have to download complete website in you local disk .

If you are thinking that saving webpage one by one in local disk then one think keep in mind that how many page you can save ?? its not possible practically (manually) .

I have a solution related to all these type of problem. you can save all file and webpage in local disk with just one click by using a software that’s name is  HTTrack Website Copier.

HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack Website Copier is a software which is used for copy all  file of any website and you can browse website offline without any limitation. When you use this software for download complete website then you just need to enter website name and  folder name where you can save web files and after download complete you will fee like as working online .

How to download a website

This software convert all dynamic files in static files. one thing about this  software is “Open Source” i.e you can download and use it without any fee .

So my dear friend what about this cool stuff ( offline browser) . so again i am requested to you if you like this webiste and article then like and share to your friends and if you want ask anything then comment in this posts any time i will give you answer as much as possible .

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