E-commerce company moving to smartphone based marketing

In recently i made a purchase a gadget online from mobile  and after purchase completion i search for other e-commerce company sites , They all are moving to new marketing trend that is Mobile marketing i.e ( make purchase from you mobile/smartphone/tablet etc.) .

When i open Flipkart then website design adjust automatically to my device screen and fit all side and after searching product i make purchase complete without any problem. even online payment via ATM/Debit card was very easy.

Actually due to recent survey , people are moving PC to smartphone, they don’t have time to sit infront of Personal computer. Smartphone user  trend is growing  day to day . All people are feeling easy with smartphone rather than Personal computer .

E-commerce company moving to smartphone based marketing

When Android operating system came is marketing this  OS changed view of digital world. now approx all e-commerce companies providing mobile banking that means you can purchase anything from your mobile /smartphones . you don’t need to open PC computer and then buy something.

Second method is native application and wallet facilities . native application is good because you can be safe from phishing (phishing is a method which is done by hackers i.e cyber criminals)  and Wallet option can be good .

in wallet option you can save or store extra money from you bank account so you don’t need to use  every time ATM PIN password or Internet banking password because in wallet you had already retrieved money from your bank account..

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