Check How much RAM is in my computer

RAM -Random Access Memory is very fast memory which is available in computer and smartphone, we all know about this memory because if you simply going to purchase mobile then we must ask about RAM of mobile before purchasing and same for Computer purchasing time .

When we purchase computer then how can you know that how MB or GB RAM memory is available in your computer? so that in this tutorial i am going to teach about checking RAM of computer .

Step to Check How much RAM is in my computer .

First of all click on Start  button  and in right panel , Right click on Computer  .

Now You can see  that Properties option is available (in bottom side) as like figure .

Check How much RAM is in my computer  techa

Now left click on Properties  option then properties of computer will open  now look at middle of below picture where arrow indication is available ( see Installed memory )

Check How much RAM is in my computer  technology assumedIn above example 4GB RAM is showing but i can only use 3.10 GB  . Don’t worry rest is reserved for OS .

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