which is best laptop or desktop

Hello friends good morning today I am going to talk about which is best option for you laptop or desktop. so just read my full article and after that you can take decision about which is best for you .you can buy laptop and desktop according to your use so I am listing some important point about both.

Laptop this is best for official worker that means if you want movable and portability then you can buy laptop of any brands  and you can also use laptop for temporary use, temporary use that means less Load . laptop is very easy in use because portability is very important factor in ease of user. everyone want portability so that laptop can we best option . you can think, In recently many laptop manufacturing companies brings very latest technology in day so that you can also use laptop against desktop.if you are office worker then laptop is best option for you .you can buy laptop from Amazon and Snapdeal anyone you can use .

Now I am talking about desktop if you are a hard worker and you are working long time .In your office worker is working very very long time that means approx 20 hours a day when laptop can’t do all works. laptop can decrease performance and efficiency of your work so at this time you can use desktop instead of laptop .desktop a lot of benefit against laptop so I am talking advantage of desktop.

first advantage you can customise according to your need that means hardware can change according to your condition and need .if you have low budget then you can embed low budget parts if you have high budget then you can import High Budget part so there is no problem if you have money problem or any other problems according to your condition. you can customise your desktop but in laptop you can’t customise according to your needs .you have to buy laptop one time and if you want customisation then just some little customisation can be done but full customer customisation is not possible so at this point  you can used desktop.

Second point is  processor heating in desktop if you work long time then it may be possible that processor can be read but there are many equipment available full cooling processor so that I suggest you if you have very good office and you don’t want portability then always you have to buy desktop and customer according to your needs but one disadvantage also in desktop s power consumption power consumption is very big problem for everyone so this is drawback of Desktop that we have to maintain power so now Friend I think you have understood about which is best option for you so according to your needs you can buy laptop for desktop if you like this article then say to your friend on Facebook Twitter it cetera anyone platform and make me happy thank you in advance


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