Best Download Manager forever

Hello friends, Now again i am back after long times. in this article i am going to write about Best Download Manager.

Friends, suppose you have chrome web browser or firefox and when you start downloading any file from any server then default download manager of web browser will start downloading that particular file from source and trust me , speed of downloading very bad because default downloader is not optimized so that you may look for alternative downloader for better downloading speed.

Best Download Manager forever

There are lot of Downloader available on Internet but people get confused that which should use for better result of downloading?

I have also tested many downlaoder in past and based on my previous experience i am going to write these famous downloader name and details :

  1. Internet Download manager
    Internet Download manager is best downloader for all in one pack, yes my dear readers, This is amazing software for download any file, even you can get better downloading speed than default and other download manager software but one thing is that to mention here is, This is paid software but you can also test by using trial version of this software .
  2. Orbit Downloader
    Orbit Downlader is second option for download file with better speed. One big great thing about this software is, This is completely free software and all function which is available in IDM is also available in orbit downloader.
  3. Download Accelerator Plus –
    Download accelerator plus is also amazing downloading manager software for free of cost. you can even get free antivirus security for scan while download files. If this manager get any virus then downloading process will interrupt by default.

And in last, i m going to list some great feature which can make best download manager, you must see this feature before installing any download manager .

  • Good downloading speed
  • Direct downloading from any streaming sites.
  • small software size for less RAM uses
  • meta link downloading support
  • support proxy server configuration.
  • Support  HTTP/ HTTPS/ FTP/ RTSP/ MMS protocol
  • video preview
  • Virus scanning before file downloading. etc.
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