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Good morning friends!,

Today i am here with new topic on demand of  my user via email, Actually i have started this blog on 13 May 2013 and now after some day i will complete 2 years, In the journey of 2 years, i learnt many thing even loose some thing and fight again many type of technical problem.

wordpress tutorial

firstly as like other blogger  i also started on blogger platform but after some time switched to WordPress (WP). When i was in college (Bachelor in Engineering) that time , I never focus on my syllabus (Electronics and Communication ) Every day i was learning content related to Computer Science and finally found about WordPress . My big Advantage was my Programming skill, I don’t say that i am master of programming but little master in my own world.

After Migration of WordPress , I was happy of freedom of coding , i can do anything of my website layout , design, and performance. I have hosted on bigrock hosting but now i switched to other hosting . Now i don’t take your time and come to the topic of this posts.

I got approx 100+ email from my visitor that write article about WordPress Tutorial and customization of theme and whole wordpress. So from today i will also write about WordPress tricks , facts, updates and coding , My  website topic is related to Technical news, Review, IT-Security news, computer tricks and now added WORDPRESS.

I am working from last 2 years (from may 2013)  on WordPress so i will share everything that was learnt in journey of this achievement . You can see all post in my WordPress tag or WordPress category

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