Windows 10 is going to release on July 29

Microsoft Announced that Windows 10 will lunch on 29 july 2015 . Actually i forget to write about windows 10 preview version because before today i was not appointed as content writer in Technology Assumed®a part of NDS Microsystem.

This is very good news to all windows operating system user that windows is going to lunch new OS in market soon (29 July 2015) and all you excited to see how windows 10 will look and how fast it will work. i have tested windows 10 preview version and i am very happy with this preview version. if you are familiar with preview version then its ok but if not then i am introducing with this.

Windows preview version is a Lite version or you can say that beta version of stable operating system i.e before lunching Operating system Microsoft lunches Bet version (preview version ) of Operating system and collect feed back from user worldwide if everything will Ok then it will lunched otherwise all problem will fixed before lunching stable version so that i tested windows 10 before lunching windows 10  operating system.

Windows 10 is going to release on July 29

I hope  you are working on windows 8 if not then must used friend’s laptop with windows 8 . this OS is combination of windows 7 and windows 10 .  in windows 8 start menu program list was not available so most of customer was facing big problem . if user is experienced then 8 was easy for that person but if computer operator is new user or newbie then  windows 8  was some difficult so microsoft eliminate this problem in windows 10 and mixed graphics of windows 7 and 8 . as like when windows 7 was lunched every one said that windows 7 is upgraded version of windows vista.

Windows 10 will come in market 29 july 2015 and if you have already windows 8 then you can upgrade to windows 10 free but wanna install in new computer system then you will charged .

One important note also that if you have pirated version of windows operating system then don’t try to upgrade otherwise you will loose your current operating  system also.

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