Why you should enable comment option in blog post

Comment is a great way to express own opinion on any blog post. you have seen that many blogger disable comment option in their blog but they don’t know how they are making big mistake without knowledge of power of comment.

We all know that when you read any blog post and want say or ask something from  author of that blog post then you have two method . first one is search about us page or contact us page and write to site owner . second one is write in comment box of same content that you have read.

Second option is best option for blogger and reader both. How???

Lets understand . if you will use first method then you must have to mention url of blog post or details of blog post  for asking or saying anything to blog post author but if comment option is enable in blog or site then you can easily track comment and related content.

If you are blogger then i will suggest you for enable comment option in your blog.

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