Why Hackers is necessary ?

Hacker!!!!, This word make you angry or bad feeling because in your mind , only one answer come that hacker is bad guy who steal information and misuse .

But today i will clear all things about hacker.a

Actually hacker is not bad guys. Hacker means advance knowledge of computer system(technology) .He is able to break security or enhance security. it is similar to Police. Police means controlling admin system in civil area same as hacker who is able to maintain security.

Hacker can find loop hole in security system and solve this problem.

According to wiki, Hacker is two types- 1. White hat hacker and 2. Black hat hacker.

1. What hat hacker follow the rule of ethics so its also known as Ethical hacker.

2. Black hat hacker, they never follow ethics rules.

Now i am coming to the main point, Why hacker is necessary?

i hope now you better understood this . Every e-commerce company must have ethical hacker or contract with Security company .

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