What is email marketing

Email marketing is this method to market your product and sell your product to targeted customers .This is very most popular method and from last 10 years this is always on top level there are many online method  like social media marketing and video marketing many more but all method are low popular in front of email marketing so now I am going to tell you everything about email marketing.

First of all , In email getting what you need? yes, my dear dear first of all you have to lot of email ID of targeted customers and you can buy email from related companies and if you have an blog then I hope you already inserted subscription box on your website or blog. if you didn’t ,then go to your website and first of all  as soon as installation Wizard of blog  and insert in your website. if you don’t know anything about subscription box then ask in comment box I will give you Solution about subscription box and free subscription and email collecting method so that you can create list of email id and all trusted and targeted email for, share your products to customer support content for computer and laptop solution .

Then customer related to laptop and computer will subscribe from your subscription box and you can use this email ID for future product information. I hope you all who are reading this post ,OLX to register ,on some job portal website like this naukri.com etc and you also seen in your email that related jobs for is coming in your inbox. how this happen because naukri.com Selll your email id to their customer for sending email to related customs. same to same you can do with your customer’s email.you can also send e-mail to your targeted customers and this is one time Investment.

In social media ,you have to pay always for sharing content in some period, if your time period expired according to Facebook term and condition and payments, then next time you have to pay , in second timer 3rd and 4th time anytime but in email marketing first time we have to pay for collecting him and if email is collected then you can use this email in a whole life.

Everyone who is using Internet has email id and FB these all customers use and open their emails so there this is very very best method for online money making method.I hope you have understood about email marketing if you have any questions regarding email marketing and comment in comment box and one thing also if you have any suggestions or opinion about my post and website or any type of problem then your comment in comment box I will solve as soon as possible.

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