What is Content management system and its benefits

Content Management System(CMS) is a software (Application). we can use this  CMS for Insert, Delete, Modify  data from Graphical interface .

Currently Web based Content management system is very popular , Fields like News agency , Blogs, Shopping websites are using Content management system(CMS)  . You can store  and organize files easily from front end .

Content management system benefits

Content management system benefits

Now one points may hit in your mind that why you should use Content management system?? and whats is benefit of Content management system??

Actually by using CMS you don’t need to know high level technical knowledge to maintenance websites . Before CMS , for organize file like image, audio, video, psd etc or publishing content to world  you must have knowledge of programming and FTP  i.e high technical knowledge but when Content management system (CMS) come in market (1990) basic knowledgeable person can maintain website or news portal etc.

Content management system come is two form, one is Desktop based i.e Offline and other is Web based i.e Online.

There are many benefit of Content management system , All is listed below .

  • Easy to modify file
  • Easy to Publish content to internet worlds
  • Easy to organize file
  • No need to be Expert for maintain application contents
  • Less effort need
  • Increase productivity due to fast working
  • Standardization maintenance.
  • Many Open source CMS available

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