Web browser for low RAM usage and make faster your PC

This post is written by me after my personal experience and i think this will help you also if you are facing some problem by opening many number of tab in your web browser.

Today i am discussing about which web browser is best for you at the point of RAM memory uses. May be this topic is new for you and you didn’t hear before today but this is fact that some browser using huge memory and some are not .
In internet world, Most popular web browser is Chrome and Firefox both have many advantage and disadvantage . if you compare in respect to browsing speed then Chrome is fast after checking in my computer. May be you will see that Firefox is working fast in your computer so let it forget and come to the main point that Which is taking more RAM space ?

Chrome is using more RAM compare to Firefox browser. I have already tested and finally found that Firefox is best if you want your computer system work fast. In respect to internet speed , Chrome is good but after opening many tab chrome will use high RAM memory and your computer system will start working slowly & may be computer will hang.

How to solve this problem(High RAM usages)?

You can solve this problem in Chrome browser by using extension . Just download and install extension form Chrome web store. Extension name is “One Tab” one tab will convert all open tab into one tab and your computer will work fast.
but this process will hurt you and will difficult for your work process so permanent solution is , Firefox web browser. Firefox web browser have lot of advantage (one of the best advantage is low RAM memory usage )

When i was testing , Chrome using 97% RAM(in my testing computer RAM is 2 GB) after opening 7 tab simultaneously and Firefox using 75-80% RAM after opening 7-8 tab simultaneously so that if you are general user then Chrome is best browser for you but if you are Social Media Marketer then you can choose Mozilla Firefox.

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