What is new in Android Lollipop

Android is biggest Mobile operating system in The World. it is widely used and also updating frequently , new version of Android is now lunched in November 2014 namely “Lollipop”.

Watch is new in Android Lollipop
Source-Android official site


After Kitkat (4.4-4.4.4) success it came in market and it will also success because it come with many new feature in User Interface , all new feature that is available in Android Lollipop(5.0) i am listing one by one below:

  • Notification will now display in lock screen i.e if you mobile is screen lock then you can also see notification .
  • Do-not-disturb option is also available in lollipop
  • For Android Developer Lollipop is also very good for develop amazing application because 5.0 came with approx 5000 new API.
  • In this version android device battery back up is increased , battery back up is one the biggest disadvantage on any android mobile but form android lollipop this problem is overcome due to  “project volta”.

=> Android Lollipop is also known as Android L.


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