Unshort Any Shorten Url

I hope you have used Shorten Services if not then you may clicked on shorten url, right???? if you are understanding then good but not then first of All I am writing about shorting URL for New Internet User who used it but not know about where and when,

Did you seen link like this http://bit.ly/Rf26wa or http://tinyurl.com/kvwam87   ??? yes You seen and clicked also . this is shorten URL , actually when Website URL is too long then long url is not good for promoting link but you can make your  long link into small link using shorten url services free of cost.

Shorting URL services is Bitly.com or bit.ly and tinyurl.com etc.

but think some one can also convert any link to shorten url and before going to that link you want to know real website url of that shorten URL then????

then you can

Unshort Any Shorten Url

that used Unshorting services.

I am giving you a website where you can check real website url of shorten url.

best one is http://unshort.me

unshort -any-shoten-url

You need to enter shorten Url in Enter URL Field and click on  unshorten button then this will give you real link like this:

unshort any url

Now you have done you work, enjoy with my tricks.

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