Turn your mobile into wi-fi router -hotspot

In modern world  maximum people is using  smartphones ,table and laptop and every is connected with internet, you are reading this article due to internet. may be you are reading this  article from mobile or on laptop(Personal Computer). You may also used wireless internet , this is best for those who want to use multiple device with one internet connection at same time then you must purchase wi-fi (wireless) Router for use on multiple device.

But If you have smartphone or tablets then you don’t need for purchase Wi-Fi router, just install simple


application in your mobile and you mobile will work as router.

Name of this software is JoikuSpot.

Features available in joikuspot:

  • Turn you phone into secure Wi-Fi Network
  • Connect as many device as you like.
  • you can connect your laptop to internet via Hotspot(Joikuspot).

Yo can Download this software from hotspot software free download

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