Top Add-ons for UC browser

If you are using mobile then i hope you are using or used UC Browser because this browser can help you to browse website very fast.

It is very fast due to disable some script and then load web pages so that we can browser fastly .if you are one who is using UC browser then you must install some add-ons for uc browser for help common but important works. I am listing here list of Add-ons and use of that Add-ons below.

1.QR Scanner.

QR Scanner is useful when you want to decode text from QR code. you may seen somewhere QR code like food product or Book cover but didn’t understand what is meaning of that code but using this add-ons you can decode that code .

2.ScreenShot .

This is also very useful tools available in UC browser . during browsing any website you can take screenshot of that webpage either custom page or full page.


Facebook add-on is newly added add-ons in UC browser. only once you have to login you facebook account then automatic notification will enable . you will get notification on screen even you have closed UC browser.


Gestures is useful for bookmarked webpage . forget old  bookmark style . now draw a pattern then this add-on will capture your pattern for specific webpage and after capture and save, you can open webpage by drawing that saved pattern.


Savepage is simple tool which is already available in Opera Browser .you can save webpage in html or text format i your storage device like mass memory .

6.Web to PDF .

This add-on is used for convert webpage into pdf file. you you want to save whole webpage into pdf file then you don’t need to first save webpage as HTML then convert into pdf file, just convert directly into PDF file.

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