Top 5 list of search engine in multilingual

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In this article you will know that top 5 list of search engine.There are lot of search engine world wide in many language some are local language and some international language but few are supporting multi language so i am listing multilingual search engine.

1.G00gle .

I think i don’t need to write about this search engine. this search engine supporting 123 language. you will surprise that this was lunched on 1997 and in short time it become world’s No.1 Search engine.


Yahoo! is also top search engine which is multilingual search engine (supporting 40 Language ).it was lunched in 1995. this is written in PHP language .

3.Bing .

Bing search engine run by Microsoft and it lunched recently (2009).it also supporting 40 language. This is written in ASP.NET language .


Yandex established headquarter in Russia.


is also refers to  and it is private search engine.


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