Tinba Trojan is targeting Bank Customer

Tinba Trojan formerly known as Tiny Banker is a  types of Trojan which is used for steal bank information and now it is targeting bank customer.This trojan is targeting arge number of banks including Bank of America etc. This is worked due to RIG Exploit Kit with Flash or Silverlight.

See example:Tinba Trojan is targeting Bank Customer

We all know that flash and silverlight is used for making maore attractive website but this can be dangerous for customer if website is infected by RIG Exploit Kit .

First of all you must know about how this trojan is working .

if you visit website infected with RIG Exploit kit and user system is vulnerable then exploit execute unknown code i.e.  malicious code and start downloading without information and install tinab trojan in your system . Now your computer is infected with tinba Trojan  and when you will visit one of the targeted website then you will open real webisite (official website). now webinject will start working and official website will ask to fill information . then you will think that this is original and official website so this is real information.

if you will fill information then all info will sent to attacker  >

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