Secure yourself from hackers

Before Writing This Articles i want say that i am certified Ethical Hacker and due to this i know how hackers hack user’s information so i am writing how can you protect yourself knowing little bit information, I am always trying to provide best information to visitors .
Following point is necessary for you:
1. email attachment is first weapon for hacker. hackers sent infected file to user via email and when use open this , hackers done their work , now may be you system is under cyber criminal. so never open attachment file if unknown person send any file.
2. Don’t fill full information on any website, if any website ask for credit  card number , bank information or any personal information then make sure that website is secured and protocol must have https .

3. When you found hyperlinks in email then first sure that you are clicking on open right website.

4.You may know about Add-ons so that only install trusted Add-Ons in your web browser.


this is few point for always keep in mind but hackers are very cleaver so they always finding new way for steal user information, so always visit my site for day to day update about security.

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