Screen brightness software

Hello friends. Good morning.I hope you had love my previous post. in this post i am going to write about Screen brightness software.

Screen brightness software means controlling brightness of screen. if you are using laptop then no problem because in laptop, brightness control software is already installed so no need of Screen brightness software but if you are using Desktop then you must need this application.

may be you can say that in desktop monitor brightness controlling button is available but i am sure that you have faced many problem like uncomfortable in work with button so i have solution for this problem. You can solve this by using a software called Dimmer

Dimmer is a lightweight application which is full portable, just extract file and use. in this application interface you can control Screen brightness by slider (0% to 100%) opacity .

First of all download dimmer form official website after download extract file on storage device and run. one thing is here that after extract never delete xml file otherwise application will not work. when application is started then right click on tray icon and click on configuration (see example )

Screen brightness software

and in configure option adjust your screen brightness according to your need.

Screen brightness software enjoy with this application. if you are thinking that this post is useful for you then share with your friends

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