How to run android apps on pc

Android is very popular Operating system for Mobile/Smartphones /Tablets. Reason of Popularity is  millions of Application available for this operating system.

Android based application is very powerful and attractive so that recently all mobile company provide Android OS .

one of the best application for mobile device is whatsapp . whatsapp is free mobile messaging application  but it is not available for PC . Like this many application is available only for androids application (mobile platform) .then you may worry about  how can i run android application on PC??

you can run android application very easily but supporting Application  (Bluestack)

Bluestack apps player is windows based application . download bluestack and then you can run any android application. Bluestack coming in two form first is online installer and second is offline installer. Offline installer is better than online because  in offline, you need only download one time approx (195 MB) file then you can run in any PC but in online,you need to download by installer very big data (this process takes very long time).

Download offline installer here

After Downloading ,install it in your PC

How to run android apps on pc

after installation  you are ready to run any android application



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