How to rank you website fast in Google or other search engine

Hello web developers, 

If you are reading this article then i am 100% sure that you are web developer or digital marketing guys. As like my page title is “How to rank you website fast in Google or other search engine ” i am covering short description of ranking of website in any search engine and i am sure that you love this. if you love this then share this on social media.

Write on Trending topics. 

i am taking one example of this from google news or youtube trending page. you all know that public demands to read or view current topics means what is happening same time in the world and they are looking internet to know about treding topics. they dont know that what is trending is they found anything is new then public make trending so kindly i am requesting to you that always write blog post according to trending topic so that people can read and stay connected to our blog/ website. if they spend more time then search engine will rank your website up.

Always SEO keeps in mind.

This point is main point to everyone and many website saying about it but i am sure that this help only 75 % to rank you website because recent 3 years all SEO’s Expert using this advantage so google are changing algorithm time to time and now they are looking social media and other point to rank in their search result. but keep in mind that Search engine Optimization is big role in ranking.

    To rank in higher, you have to write good title, good Description and focus keyword.

Google Search Console.

Hey friends, this is great tools for every web developer. you can use google search console and understand your website position and after that you can modify according to search engine

Use of Keyword research

if you don’t know about keyword research then you don’t know anything about search engine. actually if you research about keyword then you can rank your website quickly . You have to understand competition of keyword and log tail keyword.

Next point will cover in next post. wait for till i will update soon  


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