What is Phishing Identity Theft and How it is working-

phishing identity theft
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Phishing identity theft is big problem for internet user nowadays . in this article i am going to write about what is phishing identity theft and how phishing identity theft happens .

Phishing is a method for theft identity and misguide internet user. actually phishing site is similar to original site but internet user can confuse. you can better understand by taking real life example.

Suppose you want to check you bank account balance via internet banking. then you will type bank name for example www.sbi.co.in

in address bar of web browser then you will see SBI website (This is Original website) now of you type SBI in Search engine (like Yahoo/bing) then it may be show thousands of result related to SBI and may be  you will click on www.sbii.co.in (this time this website is not appear in search engine) here www.sbii.co.in is fake website of SBI but if you clicked then you will see same as SBI Original website now you will try to check you net banking Account but after submitting User id and Password you may see error message and this is the actual time when you have become victim of Cybercrime. you bank account might be hacked.

This is very simple but effective method for make fool internet users.

How to prevent from Phishing identity theft?

Always enter correct URL(website Address) in Address bar of Web Browser(like Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari etc.)

if you are using Internet Banking then check URL and find HTTPS here S for secured. ( but high level Cyber criminal using HTTPS method. i have already wrote about this. read ⇒Is HTTPS Sufficient For Secure Identification?

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