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Malware found on Java.com and other website

Malvertising means spreading malware via Advertising. Advertising is the common and easiest way for spread Malware in victim computer system.According to Fox-It Researcher , Everything is not legitimate from java.com .  while monitoring period means 19 august 2014 to 22 august 2014 , Security Operation center of FOX-IT’s PROACT service observe that
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USB Immunizer

Autorun is beneficial  and dangerous for computer users. if computer user are not technical then Autorun is great for that users but How Autorun can be danger?? Actually based malware is very popular  and it can be easily install in victim computer . Autorun is function for windows operating system, due to
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Free File splitter and joiner

File Splitter and Joiner is a software which is used for split any types of file and again you can join that split files.For example you want to send extra large file or software (approx 15 GB) to your friends via email or Pen Drive commonly know as flash drive but you
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How to check spelling before writing on website

Spelling mistake is common mistake when you write anywhere. Suppose you are writing something on paper or on website (it may be your blog/website or facebook wall or message ) then you may done spelling mistakes but if you are using smart web browser like Google chrome then spelling checking is very
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How to change Color of Folder

This trick is very cool and interesting for you.In this trick you will learn how to change color of folder in computer.My dear regular reader you may feel boring  with classical style of folder, In old style or you can say that by default all folder is looking same and it is

APN number for Different operator

APN number means Access Point Name is used for connecting with internet i.e if you are using mobile internet or Dongle that is also known as USB modem then it is necessary to put APN number in setting  option. For Different Network operator or ISP(internet service provider) use different APN number so
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Best antivirus 2014 -For Mobile

Android OS is  very popular Mobile Operating System and due to popularity of Android mobile , Hackers are also targeting android device. In the view of Mobile security we must use security system for Our mobile. There are lot of Antivirus software for Android mobile but which is better? it is confusing
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Chinese Hackers hacked Healthcare Record

Chinese hackers group hacked  U.S hospital record . According to bloomberg.com approx 4.5 million Patient record from U.S Hospital has stolen. Now hacking group is trying to attack on Medical company .  FBI(federal Bureau of investigation) also warn to Medical company about this attack. Now i am showing A big data breach in
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List of Free File Hosting Sites

File hosting is very popular in internet world because if anyone want to store anything then they must use file hosting services. This is two type of file hosting service- 1. Free File Hosting service , 2. Premium File Hosting services. In Free File Hosting Services , You can not store unlimited
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Watch Streaming Live TV

Internet user is growing day to day and old TV system is going down in hitech city because on internet you can watch any video , shows or entertainment material according to your need. But with tv you can watch only those video which is define by tv channel and it is