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How to break new line in Facebook comments

I hope everyone on internet have facebook account and also commented on my posts or pictures etc. but did you think anytime that as like facebook wall you can not write in multiple line in comment , whenever you write something and press enter button for break line or create new line
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idm-Internet Download Manager

Idm stand for Internet download Manager is one of the best Downloader for fast downloading files from any site, so that it is popular in internet users. This tool can increase 5 times downloading speed than regular download. IDM is supporting approx all web  browser . features of IDM  is listed in following points. All
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Unshort Any Shorten Url

I hope you have used Shorten Services if not then you may clicked on shorten url, right???? if you are understanding then good but not then first of All I am writing about shorting URL for New Internet User who used it but not know about where and when, Did you seen
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how to create a website? Complete Guide

how to create a website is a common talking point for every young people because In this Internet era approx. every body know about internet and power of internet so every one wants know about how to create a website but maximum people doesn’t find right answer. You will only find that
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Turn your mobile into wi-fi router -hotspot

In modern world  maximum people is using  smartphones ,table and laptop and every is connected with internet, you are reading this article due to internet. may be you are reading this  article from mobile or on laptop(Personal Computer). You may also used wireless internet , this is best for those who want
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Secure yourself from hackers

Before Writing This Articles i want say that i am certified Ethical Hacker and due to this i know how hackers hack user’s information so i am writing how can you protect yourself knowing little bit information, I am always trying to provide best information to visitors . Following point is

Free Online Exam Practice for Banking, Railway,SSC

Free online exams practice is first target for general competition students, it is demand of this era because IBPS is also taking online examination and many exam conducting council is now accepting online examination process . if you are good in reasoning ,maths ,GK  etc and also able to solve question in