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Best ftp client

FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol, ftp client is a software that is used for transfer files between web hosting and local computer. if you are web developer then you may familiar with ftp client. if CPANEL is not available then you can upload full website content via ftp client . Many
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[Solution]Kali linux not booting from usb

After Success of Backtrack Distribution of Linux Operating System ,Backtrack become most popular penetration Testing tools for Security Expert and Even white hat hacker. Backtrack 5 is become more popular but suddenly it is discontinued and new OS came in market, i.e. Kali Linux. Kali Linux is more powerful than Backtrack and
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FinySpy can monitor silently your computer and mobiles

Finyspy found in my operating system including  Android/ Symbian . Even windows operating system  is affected by this spyware.  this Trojan (win32/finyspy) is a component of surveillance  product Finfisher. This is commercial trojan and sold by  Gamma International . If your computer will infected by FinSpy then this trojan can used to monitor
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How to run android apps on pc

Android is very popular Operating system for Mobile/Smartphones /Tablets. Reason of Popularity is  millions of Application available for this operating system. Android based application is very powerful and attractive so that recently all mobile company provide Android OS . one of the best application for mobile device is whatsapp . whatsapp is
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How to check website speed

High Speed Loading website is always loved by internet user and visitor always give preference for website which take few second or mili second to load.  we know that no body likes slow website. even if my website take long time to load then you may skip some article for reading later

Read Comics from CBR or CBZ extention

Do you like read digital comics? i like read digital comics but when i was download my desire comics then some was working and some was not working. The reason was Extension . Actually most of file was .CBR or .CBZ and few was .PDF. .PDF file is readable using any pdf
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How to create social networking site

Social Media is best platform in the world this time. every body is appear and created account on Social Networking Site, one of the best Social Networking site we are using -Facebook. After Success of Facebook, every web developer want to create social networking site but they have no Idea that how to
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Best desktop virtualization software

Desktop virtualization  become more popular these day. Everybody want to use virtual Desktop but they don’t know how can they use virtual desktop and free of cost. if you are not familiar with Virtual Desktop then i am Firstly Introducing Virtual Desktop. In desktop virtualization, you don’t need to create real desktop you
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Win32/Havex can access your computer Remotely

Win32/Havex is a type of Malware and serving on win32 platform. it is a Remote Access Tool i.e. RAT. Once Havex Malware installed in user system then it scan full system and connected  resource (Device) which is accessible over network. This Malware collect all useful data and after collection send all collected