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Tinba Trojan is targeting Bank Customer

Tinba Trojan formerly known as Tiny Banker is a  types of Trojan which is used for steal bank information and now it is targeting bank customer.This trojan is targeting arge number of banks including Bank of America etc. This is worked due to RIG Exploit Kit with Flash or Silverlight. See example:

What is necessary for Installing WordPress

In this Article i am covering the topic -“What is necessary for Installing WordPress“. I have already wrote clearly that wordpress is custom hosting web software but write more on wordpress we have to know full detail about wordpress. you may confuse about wordpress.com and  wordpress.org both are wordpress but what is
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What is Phishing Identity Theft and How it is working-

Phishing identity theft is big problem for internet user nowadays . in this article i am going to write about what is phishing identity theft and how phishing identity theft happens . Phishing is a method for theft identity and misguide internet user. actually phishing site is similar to original site but
Smartphones Review

Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Released Xperia series again in this month- Sony Xperia z3. This smartphone is very light weighted . this is lunched in September 2014 And now available in almost every country. Full Specification of Sony Xperia Z3  is listed below: Network Supported : 2G/3G/4G. Weight :152 g. Features : Water proof. Dust Resistance. Screen
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Jquery Malware Redirecting to RIG Exploit Kit

We All know that Jquery is free/ open Source Javascript Library project and it is used in almost every website because it make website most attractive and dynamic . But According to RISKIQ Report jquery.com is redirecting visitor to malicious sites , so we can say that Jquery Malware Redirecting to RIG Exploit
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How to disable Print Option in Website

Web Page printing is very easy method to steal information of copyrighted materials.if you are web developer and developed a web application but you don’t want to print webpage by any visitor then how will you do this??How to disable Print Option in Website? I have solution for this problem.you don’t need

Best IDE for Software Developer

IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) is necessary  for software developer, For .NET Developer Visual studio is best choice . but PHP Developer is confuse that which IDE is suitable for Developer. Today i am telling you about one of the top IDE for PHP Development , Codelobster Codelobster is free IDE

Download Firefox – Web Browser

Firefox is a one of the popular web browser after chrome and it developed by Mozilla . This is free web browser used by millions of internet users. You can Download Latest Mozilla firefox web Browser here Download Now
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Trojan:Android/Cardbuyer that can steal prepaid card information

New Android Trojan “Trojan:Android/Cardbuyer” is very dangerous for android user. This Trojan is undetectable and silently install in Android smartphone and then steal all information including prepaid card  information. even this trojan defeat various process that is used by online game or payment platform.
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dorks become easy way to hack website

Cyber criminal using new kind of cyber attack” dorks“. in this type of attack web attacker find valuable information using search engine like  bing etc. Bing search online thing using a web software that is Web crawler it is also known as bot. when web crawler index website then it also store valuable and