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How to select video quality in Facebook

I have written many interesting article in facebook tag , today again i am writing new feature (option) added in facebook. actualy facebook is changing some cool feature day to day in theseday. all important feature i am trying to cover in my blog article . This article is related to  How

Top 5 list of search engine in multilingual

Warm welcome my dear,   In this article you will know that top 5 list of search engine.There are lot of search engine world wide in many language some are local language and some international language but few are supporting multi language so i am listing multilingual search engine. 1.G00gle . I

Top Add-ons for UC browser

If you are using mobile then i hope you are using or used UC Browser because this browser can help you to browse website very fast. It is very fast due to disable some script and then load web pages so that we can browser fastly .if you are one who is
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WhatsApp Blocked unofficial Application-must read

Whatsapp announced that Whatsapp Plus is not  an official application and they are not supporting any type of service to whatsapp plus developer, so if you are using WhatsApp Plus then immediately uninstall it and install official application from official site of Play store. Now Whatsapp Plus also banned from WhatsApp inc.

What is new in Android Lollipop

Android is biggest Mobile operating system in The World. it is widely used and also updating frequently , new version of Android is now lunched in November 2014 namely “Lollipop”.   After Kitkat (4.4-4.4.4) success it came in market and it will also success because it come with many new feature in
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Watch Video in Dual Audio – VLC tutorial

Now Bollywood fan is also moving to Hollywood movies due to Science-Fiction , New trend young people always like Science-Fiction movies but one major problem for non-English listen people is , they can  not understand in other language , now a days approx maximum movies is releasing in multi-Language. This posts is
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How to open internet explorer from run

Internet Explorer is Default web browser in Windows Operating system.old Internet explorer version have many drawbacks and also speed factor so maximum internet users using Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser on windows operating system. But when you have uninstall all external web browser then internet explorer i.e IE become default automatically.If
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How to trace IP address of received email

Email is traditional method for communication with people but it is popular this time also and become famous. i am assuming that every one those using internet, have at least one email id. no matter that you have free email or professional email both are same. i have already written about free

Earn money without investment -PTC

This is first part of earn money online without investment. in this part  i am going to talk about PTC. PTC means Paid to click.This method is very popular so that i am writing in first method, just register on legal PTC sites and start viewing ads . when you will view
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How to Create Direct shortcut key for any website

Suppose you are visiting some website more and more time like facebook or gmail or and every time your step is like this open any web browser then go to URL Address and enter / etc. . everyone want to access anything quickly then why you are using slow method, now