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The Future of web design in WordPress World

We all do only the work which have great future. In Simple word if you are working somewhere then you must thought about your future in that company. Actually we all do something due to our future. If you are web designer or software/Web development company then you should know about The Future

Why you should enable comment option in blog post

Comment is a great way to express own opinion on any blog post. you have seen that many blogger disable comment option in their blog but they don’t know how they are making big mistake without knowledge of power of comment. We all know that when you read any blog post and
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How to view source code of any website’s webpage

In Today’s Tutorial i am going to teach you how can you see source code of any website’s webpage. You may think that this is very simple  and step is right click on any webpage and click on “View page source“. but what will you do if website is protected from right

WordPress -World’s No.1 CMS

WordPress is a web application. You can use this for create attractive website.There is no need to have coding skill(advance). If you are some technical (with knowledge of some web world terminology) , you can create your own website. even you can also start creating website of you clients. WordPress is free

WordPress Tutorial on demand of my user

Good morning friends!, Today i am here with new topic on demand of  my user via email, Actually i have started this blog on 13 May 2013 and now after some day i will complete 2 years, In the journey of 2 years, i learnt many thing even loose some thing and
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Why Hackers is necessary ?

Hacker!!!!, This word make you angry or bad feeling because in your mind , only one answer come that hacker is bad guy who steal information and misuse . But today i will clear all things about hacker. Actually hacker is not bad guys. Hacker means advance knowledge of computer system(technology) .He

Why every company should have own blog and forum?

Blog is easy way to express own opinion and share information to world. If you are running any company or organisation then you must create blog and forum. In blog update all information regarding your company updates and news.for create blog you can use any free cms like WP or Blogger. Actually
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How to check Responsive design of website

Responsive design of website is more concessional for visitor  so that new trend is responsiveness of website. responsive design is essential for web development company or web developer because every customer demand responsive design. Responsive design mean website layout will  change according to device screen size . if you are web developer
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How to edit webpage of any website?

Web developer always love to edit webpage  but general person also wants to edit any website webpage but they are unable to do it. Actually generally website owner can change webpage contents or by CMS authorized  user can change.but think ones that if you will able to edit webpage of bing.(yes!!! bing