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TrueCaller -Phone number search caller id

Some people may think that why Ajay sir writing old post but one thing  want to remind you that every thing which is come in your knowledge first time is called new thing so if you know about a best free caller id software -truecaller then kindly read my other blog posts.
Technology news

Windows 10 is going to release on July 29

Microsoft Announced that Windows 10 will lunch on 29 july 2015 . Actually i forget to write about windows 10 preview version because before today i was not appointed as content writer in Technology Assumed®a part of NDS Microsystem. This is very good news to all windows operating system user that windows is
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Open source security camera software

We all know that nowadays maximum shopkeeper installed security camera in their shops for capture all activities . Not only businessman even simple people i.e for personal purpose (in Home) security camera is used regularly. You don’t believe that a man installed security camera in there bed room for security because they

how to save mobile phones battery life

These day maximum people is using smartphone and forget features phone .if you look at at point of battery life then features phone (old phone) is best for battery life and backup of energy . But if you talk about smartphone battery life then everyone will give you same answer that “My
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Facebook going to deprecate like box

Facebook( World’s Number one Social networking site), you all know about it and at the point of view of blogger or social media marketer  like box is important for increase likes and promote products . if you have website then i am 100% sure that you embedded facebook like box button on sidebar
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The Future of web design in WordPress World

We all do only the work which have great future. In Simple word if you are working somewhere then you must thought about your future in that company. Actually we all do something due to our future. If you are web designer or software/Web development company then you should know about The Future

Why you should enable comment option in blog post

Comment is a great way to express own opinion on any blog post. you have seen that many blogger disable comment option in their blog but they don’t know how they are making big mistake without knowledge of power of comment. We all know that when you read any blog post and
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How to view source code of any website’s webpage

In Today’s Tutorial i am going to teach you how can you see source code of any website’s webpage. You may think that this is very simple  and step is right click on any webpage and click on “View page source“. but what will you do if website is protected from right

WordPress -World’s No.1 CMS

WordPress is a web application. You can use this for create attractive website.There is no need to have coding skill(advance). If you are some technical (with knowledge of some web world terminology) , you can create your own website. even you can also start creating website of you clients. WordPress is free