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How to send Software via Email

Email is best secure way to communicate and transfer files between friends but due to security reasons many email clients software and free email provider blocked sending software between two  email , even you can not draft software online on your email draft folder. Only one reason is here , hackers were
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How to Detect Original Facebook Account

Facebook is world’s Number one social networking site. every body have account on facebook and taking advantage of this site .but recently ,in many magazine  i have read that facebook is providing detect fake account . First of all why people are making fake account , according to survey done by our
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List of Best Free Image Hosting site

Image hosting is main focus for web developer and general internet user also, Web Developer using image hosting for reduce server load of website and speedup their site. General internet user used image hosting site for share image to friends and family but for hosting image you must have to pay for

Download free Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery is essential if you deleted some data by accidental. may be your external memory card formatted by mistake but what will you do now?Only one option is remains, that is data recovery. Data Recovery is a method by which you can recover all deleted data, even formatted  hard disk can
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Best ftp client

FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol, ftp client is a software that is used for transfer files between web hosting and local computer. if you are web developer then you may familiar with ftp client. if CPANEL is not available then you can upload full website content via ftp client . Many
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[Solution]Kali linux not booting from usb

After Success of Backtrack Distribution of Linux Operating System ,Backtrack become most popular penetration Testing tools for Security Expert and Even white hat hacker. Backtrack 5 is become more popular but suddenly it is discontinued and new OS came in market, i.e. Kali Linux. Kali Linux is more powerful than Backtrack and
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FinySpy can monitor silently your computer and mobiles

Finyspy found in my operating system including  Android/ Symbian . Even windows operating system  is affected by this spyware.  this Trojan (win32/finyspy) is a component of surveillance  product Finfisher. This is commercial trojan and sold by  Gamma International . If your computer will infected by FinSpy then this trojan can used to monitor
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How to run android apps on pc

Android is very popular Operating system for Mobile/Smartphones /Tablets. Reason of Popularity is  millions of Application available for this operating system. Android based application is very powerful and attractive so that recently all mobile company provide Android OS . one of the best application for mobile device is whatsapp . whatsapp is
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How to check website speed

High Speed Loading website is always loved by internet user and visitor always give preference for website which take few second or mili second to load.  we know that no body likes slow website. even if my website take long time to load then you may skip some article for reading later