Movie Mode [Solution]

if your are familiar with Movie mode then its right place for you and if you don’t know then read carefully and see effect and then get solution from this website.

Movie Mode is a software which is generally hidden from user. user will not know why some advertise showing or some script is running in back end. actually  when in your system movie mode is installed then it will start working in all web browser and will show extra script code .

you can understand better with example and screenshot.

suppose you are visiting a site like or you can visit any website like most popular  free online test practice website

now right click on this site and



you will see movie mode advertise


Now you can see script code and link from is added automatically this code will added automatic in all website which is view by you , this code is not inserted by website owner . because this code will appear in every website just after head tag and it may be harmful for user and can steal information. so that i am here for this solution. actually this is not any add-on or extention in web browser.

Then how this is appear in every website visited by only you????

Actually this is a software and installed in your computer and this can installed automatically without your information so you have to uninstall as soon as possible.

movie mode money

open “Uninstall program” in control panel and uninstall it.

after uninstalling this software you are now safe browsing  and now check any website source code you will not see any unknown script.

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