Malware found on and other website

Malvertising means spreading malware via Advertising. Advertising is the common and easiest way for spread Malware in victim computer system.According to Fox-It Researcher , Everything is not legitimate from .  while monitoring period means 19 august 2014 to 22 august 2014 , Security Operation center of FOX-IT’s PROACT service observe that many high profile website including redirecting their own visitor to malware sites. this can be very dangerous for visitor.

I just want to say  to my regular readers , Redirecting is method for transferring from one website to another website,  for example  if malvertise is serving on and you open  then due to malvertising you will transfer to another site without your permission or notification , i hope you understood effect of this types of redirection.

Image-Source : FOX-IT

During the observation period of FOX-IT following website were redirecting/serving  malicious advertisement to their visitor.

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