Most Malware Affected Nation -India

India is Fast growing Technical Country so cyber criminal now targeting India users. As compare to Desktop , Android mobile handset is popular in India , According to Thread report H1 2014 from F-Secure lab” India is fourth rank in malware affected Nation”.

Malware Affected Nation

This news is  also published on TOI.  According to Labs report” In April to  July 2014  , 295 new malware thread founds”.

 F-Secure security advisor [ASIA Region] Goh Su Gim said, “India is seeing a rise in premium content SMS type malware.”

Mobile malware growing day to day, It is necessary to protect our mobile/smartphone from malware by best Security suites.

Chandigarh , Hyderabad , bangalore and chennai is most Mobile malware affected  cities in India.

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