List of Free File Hosting Sites

File hosting is very popular in internet world because if anyone want to store anything then they must use file hosting services.

This is two type of file hosting service- 1. Free File Hosting service , 2. Premium File Hosting services.

In Free File Hosting Services , You can not store unlimited files, your may restrict for Upload type of files or Maximum file size and duration of file. Here Duration of file  means how long your file is available on server, if your uploaded file is not downloaded withing some fixed day or month then that file will automatically remove.

In Premium file hosting services you are fully free to use because you are paying for this service, no restriction for file types or size limit and Duration of files.

But every internet user can not effort for premium service so they can use free file hosting service.

Here is List of free File Hosting Sites. is very popular file hosting site. you can upload single file upto 300MB

Download time period is 1 month i.e 30 days. is second popular file storage site , you can upload maximum 5 GB . is very popular file storage site – no restriction for file upload and you may also hear about this.

4. is also become more popular site , you can share your video , image , audio  and books also on this site.

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