Jquery Malware Redirecting to RIG Exploit Kit

We All know that Jquery is free/ open Source Javascript Library project and it is used in almost every website because it make website most attractive and dynamic .

But According to RISKIQ Report jquery.com is redirecting visitor to malicious sites , so we can say that Jquery Malware Redirecting to RIG Exploit Kit.

Jquery Malware Redirecting to RIG Exploit Kit

Actually according to internal report of RISKIQ  70%of top 10000 website in the world using jquery .Since it is redirecting to another server so malware may be install on users computer and it is very harmful for visitor.

RIG was first came in the internet market around  April 2014.

If thing that your system is affected by this type of malware then  immediately restore or re-image your computer system,  i recommend you for re-image your system and change all password for user accounts.


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