Increase Website loading speed by free cdn

CDN means Content Delivery Network is a combination of multiple data center. multiple data center available in different location of all over world and it support our website.

CDN is very useful for web developer ,if you are web developer or website owner then you must know about how CDN works and why this is important for serve large fraction of web content including image,text etc.

CDN is also used for upload static files like css and image file.but one question may be hit in your mind that how can you trust on it, actually CDN is paid service by someone who provide CDN services. you can check this by using free cdn. free cdn means use CDN service without paying money. for this you can use cloudflare CDN services.

Cloudflare provide free and paid CDN services.if you want to check difference between with CDN and without CDN then you must sign up today and check it.

How Can you configure?

Increase Website loading speed by free cdn

For configure Cloudflare CDN , first of all Sign Up and then add website. after adding it will automatically add necessary information (A record,MX record,CNAME ect.) and now you have a work that is change Nameserver of you domain from domain cpanel to cloudflare nameserver and then click on “I have done” then cloudflare will start working for your domain.

what is benefit of Cloudflare Free CDN?

  • first advantage is we can get free CDN service
  • second is, if you website is offline then it may use cache version of website.
  • third is,Increase Website loading speed by free cdn.
  • fourth is,you website will become safe from bad internet geek.
  • No one can know where your website is hosted provider name
  • free SSL provided by Cloudflare
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