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We all know that what is power of IDM. IDM stand for Internet download manager and this download manager is very powerful in download term. This software is used by million s of user and all are satisfied. I have also persoal experience  with Free IDM i.e trail version . it works very fast , fore more details about IDM see here 

When you think about that i wish ,i can able to idm free download from any site with original licence then????but   it is not easily possible to get original licence without paying anything and i trust  in  originality so kindly i request you  that never use pirated software .

One more solution i have to get free idm that is alternative of Internet download manager , Yes. this is good and legal that if any other download manager can download as same speed of IDM and available to use free of cost then this can be very useful. My dear reader you already know that Technology Assumed is a blog where always i am writing about cool stuff  so this article is also some exciting if you are user of IDM because this is time of kick IDM.

IDM free download

Alternative of IDM is XDM, yes its name is also very closer and full form of XDM is Xtreme download manager.  XDM is fully free and open source and available at sourceforget sites .

  • This can increase download speed upto 500%.
  • This is able to download video automatically from video sharing sites.
  • it is also support HTTP, HTTPS,FTP protocol with proxy setting authorization, cookies etc.

SO XDM can be called as Free IDM, All functionality of IDM is available in XDM and can be used free (freeware)

Download Xtreme Download Manager  

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