How to select video quality in Facebook

I have written many interesting article in facebook tag , today again i am writing new feature (option) added in facebook. actualy facebook is changing some cool feature day to day in theseday. all important feature i am trying to cover in my blog article .

This article is related to  How to select video quality in Facebook.

You all are sharing uploading and sharing video, no matter how fast your internet is working if you are using broadband then you my upload and download any video any time or may be stream online without download. this article useful for those internet user who is streaming video(i.e watching online facebook video).when you click on play button on facebook video you have two option in quality first one is SD(standard Definition) and second is HD(high Definition) every time you must select if you want to watch in HD.

Now Facebook added a option by using you can set default video quality in your facebook account. i am writing step by step.

click on setting button from menu.

How to select video quality in Facebook2.Now after clicking on setting option you will see video option in last line of sub-option.

How to select video quality in Facebook

3.Now click on video then new option will appear. Now select quality of video(SD/HD)

How to select video quality in Facebook

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