how to save mobile phones battery life

These day maximum people is using smartphone and forget features phone .if you look at at point of battery life then features phone (old phone) is best for battery life and backup of energy .

how to save mobile phones battery life

But if you talk about smartphone battery life then everyone will give you same answer that “My Android mobile phones battery life is very low” . here battery life means power saving capacity of battery. if you charged in morning then after 5 hour battery will discharge. This is not your problem, it is common problem of android smartphone so in this article i am going to write about “how to save mobile phones battery life?“.

First of all you should know about application of mobile. all application which is installed in your mobile take power to run , some are in from and some run in background. just like whatsapp. messenger etc. application always run in background and never will stop while you stop manually.

If you installed high level game then that application will also acquire phone RAM and battery power. so you should uninstall all useless application.

Second point is, Free application which is exist due to advertise. Yes! maximum application on play store is available free of cost (FOC) and some are featured bounded that means you can use some limited feature before purchase. but if you are using fully free of cost then think once time, how application developer exist without getting money from user side? actually they exist dues to showing ads in application . when you open installed application then some time you will see full screen ads or banner ads randomly. This ads appearing in mobile can take more battery power and decrease battery life so if you want increase mobile battery power backup then you must uninstall ads appearing application.One thing, This ads will show only if your mobile is connected to internet then advertise will show otherwise all is fine.

Next point is , Internet connectivity (wifi/Data connection).If your mobile data connection is ON or Wi-Fi searching i ON then this function of mobile will use more battery power to always connected to internet  so that if you don’t need of internet then switch OFF your mobile  internet connectivity.

Next point is, SIM network, if your SIM network is not available then mobile will automatically start searching and this process can take more battery power so you can turn OFF or Flight mode in Unreachable area for increase battery life.

 i have mentioned some important points for increasing battery life of mobile phones if you have any other point then feel free to comment below.Thanks.

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