how to recover deleted files

Recovery of Deleted file is useful for every body who is using computer or mobile because by accidental any body can delete useful data and after delete people will find a way for recover deleted files.

So this topic is How to recover deleted files.

Many software is available for recover deleted files, some are paid version and some are free version. I have used many software and after using many data recovery software , I am writing about a powerful data recovery software which is fully free means open source.


Is best recovery software (free version), so i am going to write about how can you recover your lost data.

First of all you must download latest version of recuva from official site-> download Recuva

After download install in your computer.

then run Recuva software.

Now you will see a window so Click on Next  button.

after clicking on Next  button you will get screen window like this:

how to recover deleted files

You can choose what you want to recover like picture/music/documents/video/zip file/ email or everything(other)

Now click on Next  Button then you will see this window:

how to recover deleted files 1

Now select option for recover files from where means recovery location(files deleted from where)

Note : if you want to recovery from mobile memory card or Pen drive or any  other external storage device then select “in a specific location”.

Now select Location and click on  next  button then you will see this screen:

how to recover deleted files2

You have option for Deep Scan , means if you want scan data deeply then check this check box otherwise leave it blank.

Now click on start button.

how to recover deleted files4

after click on Start button this will scan all drive for data recovery and after scanning all data screen will look like this:

how to recover deleted files5

Now Select specific data or select all and right click for recover like this :

how to recover deleted files6

and click on Recover Highlighted or Recover checked . You data will start recovering .

Note: only Green Light data will recover for best use.

Enjoy with my trick.

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